ISLAMABAD                       -                      The federal capital has been saved from becoming a possible epicenter of coro­na virus as the stranded overseas Paki­stanis will now be landing in other ma­jor cities of Pakistan.

Many including the civil Administra­tion of Islamabad have taken a sigh of relief after the government decision to distribute equal share of returning Paki­stanis between the major cities includ­ing Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

A well-placed source and a top offi­cial of the capital’s administration told The Nation on condition of anonymi­ty that so far, 1500 overseas Pakistanis who were stuck abroad and could not make it back due to the global pandem­ic have arrived in Islamabad in nearly a dozen flights.

The official briefed that once the overseas Pakistanis are here, they are immediately put in quarantine centers after initial tests and then released on the basis of the result of their report. The overseas Pakistanis when returned are kept completely isolated and in case of a positive case of Covid-19 standard precautions and measures are taken, assured the source.

The official said that all the cities with the relevant authorities will cater for the arriving nationals of Pakistan. It will be a joint effort and the capital will get all the help that it requires, said the official. The source further explained that each of them (overseas national) has an equal right to be in Pakistan just like any of us and plus, they can be as infected as anyone else in our country