ISLAMABAD               -              Prime Minister’s Special As­sistant on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Fir­dous Ashiq Awan has said TeleSchool Channel will help promote literacy in the country. In a series of tweets Tuesday, she said the channel has been launched to benefit stu­dents from class one to twelve as formal educa­tional process has been suspended due to Corona­virus outbreak. She said the channel will enable students to get education, while staying at home. She said out of school children, who are unable to go to school for any reason, can also take advantage of this project. She said its trans­missions can be viewed through satellite and anten­na from eight in the morn­ing to six in the evening. She said children of far flung areas and students can ben­efit from this teaching and learning source. The chan­nel was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday [April 13] to make up for the academic loss faced by students across the nation because of the coro­navirus pandemic.