RAWALPINDI - The authorities have miserably failed to take the elements to task involved in the smuggling of sugar, wheat flour, hoardings, profiteering and unprecedented hike in prices of daily use commodities as people of the twin cities are facing great hardship to make the both ends meet. A survey conducted by TheNation on Friday revealed that shopkeepers are selling sugar at Rs.64.00 per kg, tomatoes at Rs 40 per kilo, onion Rs 30 per kilo, dry garlic at Rs 120.00 per kg. The chicken which previously was sold at Rs.180 per kgis now being sold at Rs.240 per kg while the price of beef with bones has shot up from Rs.125 per kg to Rs.160 per kg and beef mince rate has also been increased up to Rs 210 per kg . While talking to this scribe Muhammad Ali, a government employee, said that he used to buy chicken or meat once in a week to fulfil protein which is necessary for health but now he is forced to buy pulses which are also being sold at Rs 98 per kg. The traders have started hoarding the essential commodities as the holy month of Ramazan is approaching, he alleged. Ahmed Shaheen, a local, said that the politicians either in power of Opposition on each and every forum made promises at each and every forum to provide relief to the masses at their doorsteps but these promises only proved to be lip-service so far. He alleged that wheat flour, sugar and livestock are being smuggled to neighbouring countries for the last many years but no concrete steps have so far been taken to curb the very menace which is a major cause for increase in the prices of flour, sugar, beef and shortage of sugar as well wheat flour. A government official wishing anonymity said people involved in the smuggling of livestock, wheat flour and sugar to the neighbouring countries with the connivance of some black sheep in the Customs and Police departments. But it seems that our politicians are busy in other important matters than to curb these menace, which not only damaging the countrys economy but also compelling people to either commit suicide or taking their frustration on government or public properties, he added. Although necessary amendments in law have been introduced to take action against the traders, shopkeepers involved in smuggling, price hike, hoarding, profiteering and District Coordination Officers, Executive District Officers and Deputy District Officers have been given judicial powers especially during the holy month of Ramazan, but to no avail. Majority of people is still facing numerous problems due to sugar, wheat flour, livestock smuggling and price hike of food items. First it was the shortage of items of daily use but now it is the price hike which have made the lives of people nothing less than a misery, said a housewife Robina adding that the food items being sold are also substandard and there is a need to keep vigil over the elements involved in such activities, she suggested.