LAHORE has witnessed a steep rise in the crime rate while police is often caught napping. A news report indicated that two persons were killed in dacoity attempts while many others were deprived of their cars, motorcycles, cash and valuables worth millions in 20 separate incidents of broad daylight robbery in the metropolis on Thursday. The first six months of the current year registered a 22 percent increase in the crime rate compared to the corresponding period in 2008. This is a serious reflection on the government that does not tire of pledging to contain lawlessness and reform the decadent law enforcement apparatus. The CM's promises notwithstanding, there is little likelihood of any significant improvement in the law and order situation as long as he continues with the policy of giving important assignments to police officers on the basis of their loyalty to the ruling leadership rather than on professional competence. It needs to begin from Lahore, since the performance of the present CCPO and his SSP (Operations) has been far from satisfactory.