Pakistan banking sector is comparable with the developed world in terms of its efficiency and the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has been labeled as its torchbearer. The recent press clips and media campaign bear testimony to the achievements of NBP, which is at its zenith today. Its employees are naturally jubilant that their institution has added prestige and honor to the national flag. The retirees of the bank, though, have mixed feelings. The equity, justice and fairplay demand that all those having a relationship with the bank, regardless of their being active or retired should be treated equally without any distinction of present or past. But the NBP pensioners who put in their heart and soul in the work of laying foundation of the bank on solid footing have been ignored altogether. Justice demands that senior citizens be also honoured for their past services and their contribution be treated at par with the active employees. -MIR MUHAMMAD IDREES, Lahore, August 14.