Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has expressed concern over reports about potential army operation in North Waziristan and said that the military should not plunge the country into a war at the behest of a foreign country. Speaking to media on Wednesday, Nisar said that Gen Kayani should abide by the resolutions of parliament and All Parties Conference. Replying a question regarding PML-N’s contacts with the government, he said that there was no contact between the opposition and the government. He said why talks should be held with those who kept broking their promises. “People will no way support military operation in North Waziristan agency,” Nisar said, adding that the government had already made an “unwise decision” and “brought bad name to the country” by resuming NATO supply lines for the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. “We can’t afford another ill-advised decision,” the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader said. Replying to a query about caretaker setup in the country ahead of the general polls, Nisar rebuffed the notion that the opposition was in contact with the ruling PPP-led government. “Such speculations are irrational. Neither we are in talks nor in contact with the government. Our negotiations on the issue are even unlikely in the near future,” Nisar told reporters. “Consultation with the government for a caretaker body has now become a secondary thing after passage of the 20th Constitutional Amendment. Now opposition’s consultation has no legal status at all. Only Election Commission of Pakistan has a central and key role in this regard,” he added. The PML-N leader said his party would be holding talks only with other opposition parties after the Eid-ul-Fitr.