LAHORE – The Federal Investigations Agency (FIA) and the Punjab police are virtually at loggerheads in connection with the investigations of two cases involving the former Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) and the Accountant of the Sharif family.

Well-informed sources revealed that the police have linked the interrogation of FIA officers with the questioning of officers from the Special Branch of the Punjab police. More interestingly, both the FIA and the Punjab police are acting on the advice of their political masters in the Federal capital and the provincial metropolis.

“This is purely a political move. Since, the FIA officials are unwilling to cooperate with the investigators, the police will respond to the FIA queries in the same manner,” a senior official in the police hierarchy commented, when contacted.

Reportedly, the Punjab police have denied access to a high-level investigation team of the FIA to grill the police officers in the alleged Khawaja Sharif murder plot.

The FIA authorities had registered cases against officers of Special Branch of the Punjab police including Col (Retd) Ehsanur Rehman, Shahid Mahmood, Secretary to the CM, Tauqeer Shah, Talha Burki, and another two officers of Crime Investigation Department. They were accused of hatching a conspiracy to produce a bogus intelligence report, revealing a plot to murder former LHC Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif.

Similarly, the Punjab police registered a case against FIA officials for kidnapping Muhammad Akram, former Accountant and close aid of the Sharif family. The complainant told the police that the FIA officials had kidnapped him and pressed him to record his statement as per their wishes against PML-N President Nawaz Sharif, CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and their family.

The FIA authorities have been conveyed by the police to produce the accused officers before the investigators for interrogation.

A couple of days ago, the FIA officials were summoned by the police to appear before SP (Investigation) Model Town in Lahore. The FIA officials summoned by the police included Assistant Director Jameel Ahmed Khan, Assistant Director Mir Haroon Rasheed and Sub-Inspector Ghulam Murtaza Bajwa.

Police sources revealed that the FIA officials were unwilling to cooperate with the police investigators during cross-questioning. However, FIA officials claimed that the FIA officials were grilled in connection with investigations into the abduction of the Accountant of the Sharif family.

Reportedly, Additional-Inspector General of Police Special Branch Punjab Nasir Khan Durrani has refused to allow the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of FIA to interrogate and record statements of 23 officials of the intelligence cell of the Special Branch Punjab.