The semi literate relative of a PPP jiala, who owns hotels in Scotland, was appointed Chairman OGRA by none other than former PM, who was rightly disqualified by our Supreme Court. Such decisions have robbed this country of international credibility to an extent that even IMF has demanded endorsement of our plans by none other than the President, instead of Minister for Finance and his team.

The former Chairman OGRA embezzled Rs 83 Billion, was placed on ECL, yet he managed to board a PIA flight for New York, in spite of being placed on ECL. He could not have done this without support of Immigration, FIA, police and other security agencies who are tasked to do their jobs on tax payer’s money, yet they all seemingly collaborated with a criminal who had robbed the state. Had it not been for Supreme Court, the people of Pakistan would not even be aware of these endless daylight robberies.

What purpose does the NAB serve if it chooses to selectively act, based on whims of corrupt within corridors of power. In this case even the lawyer of Tauqir Sadiq, seems to be privy to information that his client had fled the country. In any other country this crime which constitutes a conspiracy against the state, would have merited an uproar, and several heads would have rolled and property cum bank accounts of those involved frozen and red warrants issued. Where is the political vocal opposition, men like Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and others. Perhaps too busy accusing each other, fighting their personal battle of inflated egos, not having time to focus on the problems of this unfortunate country and its 180 million citizens. The National Assembly and Senate, if they truly represented will of people, would have taken the government to task and restored credibility and dignity of parliament, which has been reduced to a debating club. This is not failure of democracy, but proof if any were needed, that no system, however good it maybe, can deliver if criminals, thugs and self seeking opportunists dominate the corridors of power. This elected government has betrayed its oath of office and lost the right to rule this country and brought into disrepute democracy in Pakistan.

Malik Tariq Ali,

Lahore, August 14.