ISLAMABAD - Pakistan hockey team manager Khawaja Junaid has described the green shirts performance in the recently-concluded London Olympics as satisfactory despite the team’s finishing seventh out of 12.

Instead of seeking apology from the nation over poor show in the mega event and taking the responsibility of the entire management, he and head coach Akhtar Rasool totally refused to shoulder the responsibility. On this shameful performance, they should have resigned immediately. Akhtar said he had only taken charge of the side four months back so how could people expect miracles from him in such a span of time?

Akhtar was fully aware of the task before accepting the reins of the team and he should have made it clear he would try to give his best but the nation must not pin high hopes on team.

Soon after taking the role of head coach, Akhtar started to make tall claims and said Pakistan would at least get the bronze medal in the Olympics, ever since he was appointed the coach, Pakistan team performance had gone from bad to worse. The entire blame for Pakistan hockey team’s dismal performance rests on the shoulders of incumbent PHF president and especially the secretary Asif Bajwa, both of these gentlemen had wasted precious national wealth first on Dutch coach, who despite not having the required criteria and reputation, was assigned as coach by the federation rather the PHF could have utilised the services of national coaches who could have been far better than Dutch coach to save money that gone wasted. The PHF had wasted millions of rupees in the last three years or so only for their joy rides on foreign trips just to take their near and dear ones during the summer vocations.

Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, the patron-in-chief of PHF, should take notice of the issue to bring the culprits to justice, as the money which was wasted on foreign trips, foreign coach and other joy riders should have been spent on the betterment of the players.

The current PHF top brass would continue to befool masses by giving statements one after another just to cling on to their positions. It is the time for PM to show them the door and bring revolutionary changes in the federation and appoint sincere persons who could streamline the affairs and save the national game from further decline.