Lahore - Taking benefit of the Independence Day, both Azadi and Iqblab marches fascinated majority of the citizens which not only created sensitive situation many a times but also provided the new generation an opportunity to look at a big gathering against an elected government in the provincial capital on Thursday.
It is, perhaps, first the time since the creation of Pakistan that majority of the people either remained at their homes or became part of the marches on the special day of independence in Lahore rather than celebrating it independently.
From two different dimensions of the city, two big rallies came on the roads. The workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek who were deprived of their busses and vehicles started walking on foot with their leader Dr Tahirul Qadri from Model Town to join the march of Imran Khan at The Mall.
PAT workers, in a very hot weather, showed a surprising willpower despite they had been ‘detained’ at Minhajul Quran Secretariat in Model Town. The containers and barriers had been placed around Model Town, Faisal Town and the arteries leading towards Ferozepur Road despite the fact that Lahore High Court had ordered the government to remove them. But, these hurdles could not stop them from heading towards their destination. Everyone in Inqlab March was very much determined.
On the other hand, there was no barrier in the way of PTI workers who easily went through the city. Imran’s sons, Sulaiman, 18, and Qasim, 15, also took part first time in Azadi March.
However, a very tense situation was observed during the marches as lack of facilities caused serious problems for participants of both parties in Lahore. Lack of vehicles, food, cold water as well as lack of makeshift toilets disturbed many of the participants, especially the females.
Meanwhile, tyres of many motorcycles and cars were punctured disappointing participants of the PTI march.
The presence of large number of police in various parts of the city dampened the celebrations of the Independence Day in privileged parts of the city including Defence, Gulberg, the areas Band Road and eastern side before the Mughalpura, Tajpura and Gujjarpura.