LAHORE - The political instability in the country not only damaged the economic activities but also hindered the working environment in the public offices , The Nation survey revealed.
The civil servants working in the offices were found much interested in the political state of affairs, future of the government and the long marches, both Azadi March and Inqilab March, to be organised by PTI and PAT, respectively.
“It is difficult for government officials to work consistently as the political situation in the country is not clear,” said a senior officer. He said the political forces, instead of locking horns on the sacred day of independence, should focus on resolving the issues like price hike, lawlessness, poverty etc. He said bureaucracy is the institution that can lead the country to development given the politicians showed sense of responsibility.
A senior bureaucrat said the peaceful environment and political stability enhance performance of government officers. The bureaucracy can reduce inflation, devise health policies and do many more tasks. He said it would not be hard to understand the link between the politicians and civil servants as the former make policies and decisions while the latter implement them.
Another secretary, conditioning anonymity, said the political temperature should be brought down as soon as possible. He said the political forces should show maturity so that civil servants could deliver wholeheartedly and solve the people’s problems.
The officials coming from Model Town face a lot of problems in reaching Civil Secretariat on time as the police have blocked many roads around the PAT Headquarters. The officers say that it is a difficult and risky task to cross the barriers the police have installed a couple of days back to stop the PAT workers from staging protest outside the party secretariat. They strongly criticise the government’s decision to block the roads by placing containers. They said political workers should be allowed to hold long marches to lower the political temperature.
“Dengue campaign should be on the rise these days, but it lacked the government’s focus owing to the political situation in the country”, the officer said and added the city district government seems busy declaring Section 144 in different parts of the city rather than focusing on the dengue campaign and other activities.
He said the senior officers remained busy during Ramazan, checking prices and quality of commodities, but after Eidul Fitr the political situation disturbed the working environment.