GUJRANWALA- Activists of the PTI and PML-N clashed twice in Gujranwala on Friday causing injuries to several PTI workers.

The clashes began when PTI activists were passing through an area where an office of the PML-N MPA Imran Khalid Butt was located. Media reports said that the PML-N activists started pelting stones at PTI activists who retaliated in a similar manner.

However, the clash was controlled after police personnel deputed to provide security to the PTI’s caravan intervened and managed the situation.

Dozens of PTI workers were injured when the PML-N activists hurled stones at the PTI rally that smashed windows of many vehicles including Imran Khan’s container.

Talking to TV channels, Imran Khan said that it was the fourth time that they were attacked by the PML-N activists, adding that the police were present at the site. He said they have videos of the pelting of stones by the PML-N workers.

Imran Khan held the Prime Minister responsible for the attacks. He said he would himself get the FIR registered against Sharif brothers. He said they do not support martial law but in such a situation, if martial law is imposed then the PTI would not be responsible.

He said his family members were present in the container as he was not going to Islamabad for confrontation. He said had he intended a confrontation, he would not have taken the family along. He said if they did not get justice, his party would not contest next elections.

Imran Khan said a police inspector came to him and requested to sit down. As he did so, firing and pelting of stones started. He said they pelted stones on PTI supporters. He urged the marchers to remain peaceful. Imran Khan said Sharif brothers will be responsible if any untoward incident happened during
the Azadi march. He said the PML-N workers were standing on police van when they pelted stones.  

He said one million people will reach Islamabad , adding that Nawaz Sharif and his supporters should come out of what he called the Gullu Butt mindset. The PTI chief said the end of monarchy was around the corner.

He said Nawaz Sharif should now understand that the people of Pakistan do not accept the results of this election. “I have all the proof and I have also provided enough evidence. I will provide more in Islamabad ,” the PTI chief said.

“The constitution says that a government that has come to power through rigging was not constitutional,” he said. Imran demanded that those who were involved in the alleged rigging should be punished as without that there could be no free and fair election in the country.

Imran Khan 's spokeswoman Aneela Khan said the PTI chief was not injured but his vehicle was hit by gun shots. One of the PTI leaders Arif Alvi also said that he was hit by a stone when
he was asleep in the night.