PESHAWAR - A scavenger-turned-student, Abdul Museeb has wished to become software engineer after getting top position in his school by getting 832 marks in his matriculation examination and succeeded to get admission in prestigious institute Edward College Peshawar.

Abdul Museeb told The Nation, “I was working on daily basis in heap of garbage to support my family and had quit education in grade-VI due to extreme poverty and poor family income. Meanwhile a person Mushtaq Khan, a project officer of Alkhidmat Foundation, came to me and asked me few question regarding my education and later he talked to my family for supporting me financially to pursue my future education.”

He said that earlier when he was working as a scavenger, he wished to join school but his economic position was not allowing him to join a school.

“When I lost one of my precious years in class-VI due to hard labour, I was much worried about my career while I was observing children of well-off families going to schools in the morning,” he remarked.

He maintained that getting quality education was a dream for him and this dream was materialized due to generous support of child protection project of Alkhidmat Foundation.

He said that in first phase, he was brought to rehabilitation center of Akhidmat Foundation and later admitted in Unique Vision Public school of Peshawar. “I got first position in class eight, class ninth and class 10th due to proper supervision of my teachers in rehabilitation center,” he said.

After getting top position in matriculation, he wished to get admission in Edward College Peshawar and this dream was also materialized by the support of project of Alkhidmat foundation.

“Our uniforms, transportation and stationary dues were paid by Alkhidmat Foundation and I have not felt shortage of anything in my educational career. Other students like me are also enrolled in this project and they are very happy and always appreciate the services of this project,” Museeb informed.

“Besides curricular activities, the project also supports students in extra-curricular activities. Those students who want admission in any sports coaching academy can easily avail the opportunity. I was interested in cricket and have been admitted by the center in Malak Coaching Academy at Arbab Niaz Stadium,” he maintained.

Project Officer of Child Right Center Alkhidmat Foundation, Mushtaq Khan said, “I picked Abdul Museeb from heap of garbage in 2012 where he was working as scavenger to support his family. At that time I was surveying to collect street children and their address and later I contacted his parents who agreed with me to take him to the center in second time to get education.”

He said that every student in the center has interesting story of child labour.

He said that father of Abdul Museeb is suffering from a chronic disease and is not able to work. His family is supported by his elder brother. The minor brothers of Abdul Museeb are also enrolled in this center and their education expenses are also supported by Alkhidmat Foundation.

“IF the students are interested in technical skill then we send them to technical colleges and vocational center on our own funds,“ he said.

Mushtaq added that they have established three centers in Peshawar and each center have 50 students. One center is located in Akhun Abad, another center situated in Dir Colony while third center is situated at Charsadda road.

 “We are extending our services in each part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and will collect street children to make them a responsible citizen of the country,” he remarked.

When asked about funding of Child Right Center, he said that UK based Child protection (CPR) Trust is the main donor of the project, however philanthropist can donate their charity for the welfare of these poor children.

Regarding government support and building facilities, Muhtaq Khan said that they requested government to allow two rooms of a school building in second shift for the proper counselling of the students, but education department has not allowed its rooms for this project.