By Tuba Naeem

Everyone needs someone to guide them in their hard times, and I believe books are the best guidelines for all of us, but unfortunately we are forgetting their importance in our busy life.

Now, informative books remain in the corner with a thick layer of dust on them and we are busy in wasting our time using smart phones. It badly effect our grades and future also. We are so much busy in our lives that we have not even a minute to remove dust from them or to read them??

Writers share their ideas with us, spend their day and night to give us informative stuff, and think for a moment what we are doing with them?We are just ignoring their hardwork, spirit, thoughts, lessons, experiences and messages. If writers knew that we will treat like this, they never had written for us.

Have you ever wondered how much pain they feel when we don’t read and appreciate them? Let’s imagine for a minute that you’ve scored good marks and no one appreciates you, how would you feel?? Absolutely bad, angry and hurt. So please stop hurting writers and start reading books. As Stephen King said, “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.”

Books never misguide us. They always lead us to the right path. They show us direction, they give us courage, confidence and gives us a lesson to dream more, dream big and try to chase them.

Reading helps us in improving ourselves. It can increase not your vocabulary only but confidence too. You can learn new words so you can be able to speak confidently, you will not hesitate when you speak in English. You can learn new stories, new lessons, and new experiences from other’s life so you can avoid mistakes that they had done in the past and invite trouble for themselves. You can fascinate yourself by reading different kinds of stories and you can also change your mood when you feel upset, angry or sad.

I strongly believe that the best way to relax your mind is reading a good book. Take a book according to your choice (fiction, non-fiction, comic, story etc),then go to the lawn, park or simply in your balcony and start reading it. Then feel the magic of reading, you will feel relaxed, tension free and fresh. Your interest in the book and focus on the story will increase, you will absolutely start to feel that you are also a character of the story or you are watching it live. And sometimes when you will be in a similar kind of situation, those characters, their dialogues and ability to come out of that situation will be your guide in real life. You will nourish those moments your whole life.

So, just try it once and feel the magic of reading. I’m sure you will love it...And remember one thing, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it...”

Published in Young Nation magazine on JUly 23, 2016