GENEVA: Asking India to help them in a same way as it did for the creation of Bangladesh, Baloch Republican Party (BRP) chief Brahumdagh Bugti on Sunday said if the international community could interfere in Libya and Syria, why not in Balochistan.

Coming under extreme pressure in Indian Held Kashmir, RAW has started encouraging and facilitating the Indian media to interview Balochistan dissidents to bring a bad name to Pakistan. Being funded by RAW, the exiled Baloch nationalists are speaking India’s language.

Grandson of late Akbar Khan Bugti , Brahamdagh with an Indian news agency said: "They (Pakistan) call us terrorists. They say we are taking support from India. We are appealing to the international community to help us. They should come and see the situation and monitor everything. If you can interfere in Libya and Syria, why cannot in Balochistan? One cannot imagine all that happens in Pakistan, people are leaving their own nation out of helplessness."

Pakistan calls us terrorists, who are getting support from India or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), said Bugti, adding that he urges India to help in the same way as it did for creation of Bangladesh.

Maintaining that for the last four-five years this is increasing and not decreasing, Bugti said, "The operation was started during the time of Musharaf and later the PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) government came to power and it grew faster and now it is even getting faster. It is misinformation that committees are being formed. The situation is becoming tense with every passing year."

"My grandfather had said it was a full plan - they (Pakistan) are seeking China`s help, because they have many technologies, which Pakistan does not have. The Pakistani media showcase some of their works, but this is happening on daily basis since 2010," he added.

Stating that their organisation is so helpless that it cannot work openly, Bugti said "Many of our people are still missing. Some of our people go missing every year if they work openly”.

Another dissident Baloch Ashraf Sherjan in an interview with Indian news channel on Monday thanking Narendra Modi for highlighting the Balochistan issue internationally.