By Sabene Rizvi

Dear Diary,

Today was my assessment and I was still not clear with highest common factor and lowest common multiple. So, I went to Mrs. Hiker and the example, she used to explain it, came in the assessment. So, I did it easily but in the rest of the exam, I took long due to the peon giving the wrong graph paper. The assessment was for 60 minutes but the confusion was due to Ms. Sara saying 60 minutes and the peon saying 40 minutes. The next class was Mrs. Hiker’s and she had to go out of the class for a while. I had stomachache and I told the prefect that I was going to the washroom. When I came back Mrs. Hiker was scolding and yelling at everyone because everybody was standing up and talking to each other. She threatened that she would deduct our marks and then said that once her daughter, Samantha, had forgotten a book at home and her math teacher told her to have her mother write an application that she had no problem with her deducting her marks. Samantha told Mrs. Hiker, “Can you please go and talk to my teacher”. “No, you write the application. I will sign it,” replied Mrs. Hiker. Then, she said to us, “How did my daughter even think that I would back her up.” I felt that her comment was pointed towards me because my mother always comes to talk to the Headmistress whenever Mrs. Hiker  causes me a problem.



Published in Young Nation magazine on July 23, 2016