ISLAMABAD - The hard-hitting remarks of Federal Interior Minister against PPP’s alleged demands for remaining soft towards government are still resonating in the echelons of power and it does not go well with those trying to pacify the brewing storm against the ruling party.

Most of the ruling PML-N Parliamentarians though admitted that all what Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan had said in his press conference was true but it would only add to the problems of the ruling PML-N, which was under pressure due to the agitation plan announced by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.

Ch. Nisar was not having the backing of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in all what he was doing to dissipate the Pakistan People’s Party from the path of politics of reconciliation and consensus, a senior PML-N leader, who is also member of Federal Cabinet, informed The Nation.

The minister who did not want to disclose his identity further said that as per his knowledge the Prime Minister was displeased over the way the Interior Minister had exposed the backdoor contacts between the government and main opposition party.

He further said that by exposing the PPP leadership the Interior Minister had also placed the credibility of the Prime Minister and his close aides for shady contacts with the PPP leadership.

A source in the ruling PML-N said that actually by revealing the conditions PPP had set for going soft on government Interior Minister had actually torpedoed the reconciliation efforts being made by some of the key PML-N leaders with the PPP leadership.

These sources said that as part of the confidence building measures the ruling PML-N had facilitated the Pakistan People’s Party in clinching the slot of Leader of Opposition in AJK Assembly, which otherwise PPP could not manage.

Similarly, there were clear instructions from top party leadership to PML-N Parliamentarians not to cross limits while criticising the PPP leadership only to prevent them boarding the container of Imran Khan, the sources further informed.

They informed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had asked his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif to refrain the Interior Minister from sharing certain proofs with media about model Ayyan Ali and Dr. Asim Hussain as announced at his press conference.

Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan while levelling allegation on PPP leadership of setting conditions for going soft on PML-N had said that he would share certain proofs in both the cases of model Ayyan Ali and Dr. Asim Hussain’s case with media in coming days.

A source in the party confirmed to The Nation that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted immediate end to all this and had tasked Shahbaz to help refrain Ch. Nisar from further messing up the things.

The source also confirmed that the matter between the government and PML-N leadership was resolved to a great extent after the meeting of a Federal Cabinet member with Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian President Asif Ali Zardari in Dubai in recent past but Ch. Nisar Ali Khan’s utterance had poured water on it.

The sources in the party said that though some back channel contacts between the government and PPP were made after the Interior Minister’s press conference but the PPP people were quite furious and would be coming down hard on the ruling PML-N in the Parliament when the National Assembly meets today.

The doves in the ruling camp in an attempt to appease the PPP people said that they were equally disturbed over the Interior Minister’s remarks and expressed their helplessness in this connection as Ch. Nisar Ali Khan was not even listening to the Prime Minister on so many matters, the sources further informed.

Leader of Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah, who was also targeted by the Interior Minister in his press conference, would devise a strategy of their protest ahead of the National Assembly session and they would likely to first present their point of view on the floor of the house and then would stage a walkout.