Violence in Indian-administered Kashmir has claimed over 50 lives in the past one month. While New Delhi blames Islamabad for backing the Kashmiri insurgents, Pakistani authorities accuse India of committing human rights abuses in its portion of the valley. Pakistan’s support for any “terrorist” activity is hearsay, while India’s human rights abuses are part of public record.

In the wake of the ongoing unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan on Sunday reportedly offered to send supplies to the state, after which India snubbed the offer by terming it “absurd” and reportedly told the India’s High Commission to reject the offer. Ministry of External Affairs also tweeted: “India has already received enough of Pak’s trademark exports-international terrorism, cross border infiltrators, weapons and narcotics.” In the face of such terrible aggression, Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit was diplomatic and said, “Pakistan has always made efforts to improve its relationship with India.” Further, turning down Pakistan’s proposal that it would invite India for a dialogue on Kashmir, New Delhi made it clear that it would talk on “contemporary and relevant” issues, basically “Pak-supported cross-border terrorism.”

Pakistan will continue to extend its full diplomatic, political and moral support to the valiant people of Jammu and Kashmir till they get their right to self-determination. This is the stance that Pakistan has taken, and is the only morally and legally correct thing to do concerning Kashmir. India, the bigger power, can use sheer force and venomous words, knowing that Pakistan is already seen through a tainted lens of terrorism globally. Indian terrorism, for now, is not a global issue but a local one, and any abuses committed under the noses of the rightist BJP in Kashmir and in India will go under the radar.

All this does not bode well for any talks that may be held on Kashmir. Rajnath Singh, the Indian Home Minster, in a statement said, “No power can separate Kashmir from India.” Just these seven words would be enough to cause protest and outrage in Jammu and Kashmir. If all was well with Indian control, if the valley was peaceful and happy with India, there would be no insurgency. India refuses to see that the insurgency is not pro-Pakistan as much as it is pro-Kashmir. For a people who just 70 years ago fought for freedom from imperialism, the insistence on Kashmir’s forced accession to India is callous and morally indefensible.