Islamabad - Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has ignored the advice of Indus River System Authority (IRSA) regarding filling up the Tarbela Dam by just storing one foot water per day, it was learnt reliably here on Sunday.

“It doesn’t seem that Tarbela reservoir will be filled to its peak level of 1,550 feet before the end of ongoing month, if filling continues at its current pace,” official sources told The Nation.

On August 14, the water level in Tarbela Dam was 1535.65 feet which is more than 14 feet short of the peak level.

However, Mangla Dam will be filled tonight or tomorrow, as per the guideline of IRSA, to its peak level of 1242 feet, the official data revealed.

It is pertinent to mention here that in a letter, written early this month, the IRSA chairman had asked WAPDA to fill Tarbela Dam given the bumpy monsoon rains and the fear that the forecast for 20 percent more rains this year might not come true.

In the letter, the authority had directed WAPDA to accelerate the filling of the Dam as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so much so that water level could reach maximum up to 1550 feet.

According to the SOP, water from 1 foot to 4 feet a day can be stored in the dam.

“Currently, only one foot water per day is being stored in the dam. WAPDA is still filling around one foot of water daily in the reservoir,” the official claimed.

Similarly, it was also directed that Mangla Dam be filled to its peak level of 1242 feet by August 20. The target of filling of Mangla Dam has almost been achieved, six days earlier than the deadline given by IRSA.

“By Sunday afternoon, around 1241.35 feet would be stored in the reservoir and it is more likely that the remaining would be stored in less than 24 hours,” the official said.

“The Flood Mitigation Committee has expressed concern over the IRSA’s decision to fill Mangla Dam by August 20,” the official said.

According to the flood mitigation committee the monsoon has not yet ended and some space in the dam should be left free, where extra water can be stored in case of flooding.

“However, the concern of Flood Mitigation Committee was rejected by IRSA, which contended that unless there would be a clear flood warning from the metrological department, it would not reverse its decision,” the official informed.