Every nation state is founded on certain myths. These myths serve the purpose of foundations of a national narrative that it provides to its people.

At the same time, these national myths serve the purpose of creating enemies where there are none, distracting the national effort from the real problem at hand. In postcolonial states, a phenomenon emerged to cover up the failures of the ruling elites by labelling these failures a “conspiracy” by another country or a group of countries.

On Sunday, Mushahidullah Khan, the current Minister for Climate Change, stated that foreign forces see the former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif as a source of prosperity in the country and that is why they never want him in power. He further said that the reason foreign powers did not like Pakistan was that it was an Islamic country with nuclear weapons and because of its partnership with China. Where can one start to even try to unravel everything that is wrong with this viewpoint? Does he, or his party, really believe that the Panama Papers were a foreign conspiracy to disable the former PM when many many other international politicians were named? Is he really implying that our judiciary is not independent, and of sound reasoning, that they would give the wrong verdict? Is any Pakistani who does not support this party, and is with the opposition like the PTI and PPP a foreign conspirator? And what is the proof of such claims of megalomaniacal puppet masters?

The blame is very much grounded at home, from weak monitoring of corrupt practices, to weaker laws and judicial oversight. The ruling elite of the country lacks the moral courage and strength to accept their own failures.

One cannot disagree with Mr Mushahidullah when he argues that the whole system of Pakistan stems from the Parliament. But this does not mean that opposition parties or public will not ask those occupying the treasury benches about their performance. If the ruling parties achieve half of what they promise, it can be easily assured to them that no “foreign power” will ever dare oust them.