MULTAN-Senior politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has warned that the masses will never tolerate those insulting their vote, adding that victimisation, instead of accountability, will further deteriorate the situation in the country.

Talking to the media here after attending a function in connection with Independence Day on Monday, he said that if gravity of the situation is gauged not realised seriously, the conditions could lead towards the worst consequences. “The country had disintegrated in the past. If the vote is disrespected again, God forbid the country may disintegrate again,” he warned. He noted that stability, progress and prosperity of the country is dependent on the ballot (vote) and thus it should not be disrespected.

He was of the opinion that Article 62 and 63 contradicted national interest as a dictator included these articles in the constitution to prolong his rule. He asserted that amending the constitution is the right of the parliament. He said that the existence of the country depends on vote as this country came into being with vote and it would continue to exist only with the vote.

He said that Qadri and Imran Khan are not leaders but the puppets. He said that he had already told that Nawaz Sharif would become even stronger and more popular if forced out. “I want to warn the nation again that conspiracies are being manufactured by the PTI,” he added. He said that he had also informed the PML-N leaders about these conspiracies but they said that nothing would happen. “But see the worst has happened,” he claimed.

He said that he was not against the accountability of Nawaz Sharif. “But the people naturally come out if the person, whom they elect as their Prime Minister, is forced to leave Aiwan,” he added. He said that this situation would deliver losses to the country and nation. He reiterated that the court should summon him.