Karachi - As Pakistan celebrated 70th Independence Day yesterday, an Indian music group gave it a beautiful birthday present by singing the Pakistani national anthem. Indian Acapella Band Voxchord has sung the anthem as a gift for Pakistan’s national day. The video begins with a heart-felt message reading, ‘This is our way of wishing you, Happy Birthday Pakistan.’

The members of the group join by holding placards which read, ‘This Independence Day, we’d like to dedicate a song to our neighbours. A song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection.’ The Indian band’s version of the Pakistani national anthem has earned much praise while some have stated that it is better than Coke Studio’s rendition. It should be noted that Pakistan and India are at loggerheads since the partition in 1947 and disputes have led to full-scale wars between the two nuclear-powered countries. The Twitter users in Pakistan have lauded the gesture of the Indian band in their posts.