BAHAWALNAGAR-Pakistan Resolution is the symbol of stability and strength for the motherland and the day is not far off when Pakistanis will celebrate a real Independence Day with the liberation of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

This was said by Rana Saifullah, district president of newly formed Milli Muslim League (MML), while addressing a press conference here on Sunday.

He said that the MML will play its due role to eliminate the culture of loot, plunder and divide from Pakistan and will unite the entire nation on “Two Nation theory.” He claimed that cheating, plundering and lying will end in the politics of Pakistan with the entry of the MML. He reiterated the need for the nation to stand up against the Indian aggression in the Held Kashmir and on the boarders of Pakistan. He announced that the MML will take out “Stability of Pakistan” rally on August 14 to pay tribute to the martyrs of independence. He appealed all the religious and political parties to join the rally.