Being one of Pakistan’s national bhabhis, Shaniera Akram was a source of pride for us Pakistanis. Akram foundation and her philanthropic work aside, something else caught our eyes this time around. @Arze_Pakistan on Twitter during their series dedicated to Pakistan’s 70 years of independence this year featured Shaniera:

Public figures like these usually have two kinds of fans, those who love them and those who hate them. Despite the love and affection Shaniera has gathered, moves like those by @Arze_Pakistan are bound to garner distaste and hatred, and here’s one typical example:

“No one is that stupid . Only a few people are white worshippers now this country is changing please don’t insult Pakistanis intelligence” Irrespective of responses like these, this national bhabhi of ours managed to win our hearts on Independence day. This is what she said:

This Independence Day, and in the days to come, lets show our true colours as a Pakistani, and prove to everyone that we will do anything to raise our country to greater heights!