KARACHI: Local police has registered a case against the van owner and driver, who have been charged with manslaughter under section 322 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Earlier six people were burnt to death as a van in Karachi caught fire. 

The incident took place on Sunday night when the van was passing the Garden area. Two brothers had booked the van for a picnic to the Hawkesbay beach, and it had stopped near the Karachi zoo where it caught fire.

SHO Ghulam Nabi Afridi of the Garden area made a statement that police had registered an FIR against Farhan, the owner of the van and Fahad Ali, the driver, with manslaughter. He added that the driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Section 322 states the punishment for qatl bis sabab: whoever commits qatl bis sabab shall be liable to diyat (financial compensation paid to the heir in case of a murder or property damage.)

The FIR was lodged on the request of Mohammad Ali, one of the injured brothers, whose wife and daughter burned to death in the accident.

Police investigations have revealed that a fire erupted in the van’s battery, which led to gas leakage and as a result, the entire van caught fire and there was a blast. The victims were burnt to death in a matter of minutes.