The crime is mounting rapidly around the world. It retains numerous species such as street crime, target killing, misdemeanour, felonies, money laundering, intellectual property crime, currency counterfeiting and so on. Furthermore, financial and high-tech crimes—currency counterfeit, computer virus attacks, payment card fraud—can affect all levels of society. Currency counterfeiting and money laundering have the potential to destabilise national economies and threaten global security, as these activities are sometimes used by terrorists and other dangerous criminals to finance their activities or conceal their profits. 

On the other hand, corruption undermines political, social, and economic stability. It threatens security—damages trust and public confidence in systems which affect people’s daily lives. 

Although corruption frequently occurs at local and national levels, its consequences are global; its hidden cost immense. Corruption is a multifaceted phenomenon supported by differing historical and socio-economic condition in many countries. 

It exists at all level of security. Corruption remains rampant in many countries, continuing to siphon off valuable resources and economic gains. Corruption is a manifestation of institutional weakness, poor ethical standards, skewed incentives and insufficient enforcement. 

In reality, myriad misdemeanour crimes are never registered by some officials. With that reason, such crimes often take place in society. 

Poverty and unemployment are the main reasons behind every crime and it compels the masses to commit it. In numerous countries, poverty is a massive issue. Half of the population are under the poverty line. Some foreign elements exploit them and use them in their nefarious plots. Before indulging in criminal activities, they are innocent. They are used in the wrong direction by offering them a chunk of money and then the tasked would accomplish by scathe means. 

Unemployment, on the other side, is the another hurdle in the prosperity and development of the countries. Unemployed people can do anything – instead, it is right or wrong, owing to their compulsions. Few people are on daily wages and rest are on contractual basis. The problem is the same for both the categories. Sometimes the law and order situation in the country bar them from going to perform duty and on the other side, the transition in the climate give them up from going to their work. 

The question arises, how to control crime and how to allow prosperity in societies and how to develop the mindset of the people in the right direction and how could the countries more develop and sustained among the other prosperous and developed nations? 

Few suggestions are proffered. 

First, Police should be depoliticized and to give a complete constitutional right to act against crooked individuals in compliance with the law. Because, the police are the basic source of protection from crime. It must be reform befittingly. 

Second, unemployment must be eradicated from society by offering cornucopia jobs opportunities – establish new industries – companies and to initiate the scant loan scheme to the low income and unemployed people could avail this opportunity. 

Education for all – this slogan must materialise by giving the different learning opportunities to middle-class folks and by teaching and educate the new generation in befitting direction. Educated people can comprehend the thing easier than the illiterate ones. And the education certainly boosts up the awareness and hence the unlawful acts. 


Karachi, July 28.