PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that the people of the subcontinent offered tremendous sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan. He was addressing different functions in connection with the Independence Day celebrations on Monday.

He called upon the younger generation to understand the essence of the philosophy of the creation of Pakistan.

The main event was conducted for the hoisting of the National flag at the lawn of the Civil Secretariat, Peshawar.

He also inaugurated Jinnah Degree College and Sports Stadium in Pabbi and District Council Hall in Nowshera.

The main event was organised by the District Government Peshawar for the flag hoisting which was attended by the KP Deputy Speaker, Dr Mehar Taj Roghani, MNA Dr Imran Khattak, MPAs Shaukat Yousafzai, Mian Khaleequr Rehman, Arbab Jehandad Khan, District Nazim Peshawar Arbab Asim, Chief Secretary Abid Saeed, IGP and elite of Peshawar city including women and children.

The inaugural functions of the Jinnah Degree College and Sports Stadium Pabbi and District Council Hall Nowshera were attended by the provincial Minister for Excise & Taxation Mian Jamsheduddin Kakakhel, Nazim Liaqat Khattak, MNA Dr Imran Khattak, MPA Khaleequr Rehman and Naib Nazim Ashfaq Khattak.

The chief minister underlined the need to understand the philosophy behind the creation of Pakistan, adding that the 70 years history of the country was replete with loot and plunder.

Institutions were politicised and police and Patwar were the most obedient servants of the ruling elite. The heads of institutions were sycophants serving the interest of the dishonest rulers, he added.

The rights of the people were usurped and the poor used to suffer. The country was run at the dictates of the foreign masters, he said.

Corruption was rampant and there was no justice even Thanas and Patwars were at a sale but that was the past and became the history.

He said now his government was out to work as per vision of Imran Khan who directed to work for the elimination of corruption and depoliticising police, Patwar and other institutions so that the people’s rights could be protected and they could be given justice.

His government has re-tracked the working of institutions, dedicated them to the real objectives for which these institutions were created.

He said because of these efforts the future was bright and his government was on target as per vision of Imran Khan.

He reminded that the youth voted the PTI for the change of system. He said the youth were right when they keep on asking about the achievements of objectives for which Pakistan was created.

A mere throwing the yoke of slavery is no durable freedom but it is when people start getting justice when they see the upholding of merit and where no one could transgress the rights of others.

All this could become possible when the institutions were strong and stable having an inbuilt mechanism for grievances redressal.

His government, he added, had a few dozen enactments in order to give relief to the people, eliminate corruption, provide justice, uphold merit and realize the people they are the equal share holder in the system.

Pervez Khattak said that this country needed an honest leader like Imran Khan who thinks about the poor and always guides his government to give relief to the people.

The CM added that education and health were the priority areas of his government because he wanted a healthy and educated nation. He called upon the people to contribute beyond their capacity.

He was taken aback by the reality that this country had all the requirements that were required for the development of a country but still Pakistan lagged behind therefore he called upon the people to stay committed to their responsibilities and contribute towards the collective goals of the nation.

He said the KP government worked on upholding of merit, providing equal playing fields to all so that the deserving could get vertical mobility within the system.

He advised the elected people to work for the development and prosperity of their respective areas, adding that they have the responsibility to raise the awareness level of the people against corruption and commission.

He also advised them to stay against the miss use of resources and should be committed to the public service. He warned that the corrupt would never get space in the PTI.

Earlier, he performed the flag hoisting in the Civil Secretariat Peshawar and congratulated the people of Pakistan in general and those of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in particular on the Independence Day celebrations.

The gathering also prayed for the integrity, solidarity, prosperity and development of the country.