CDA officer fails to get charge of post despite court orders

2018-08-14T22:19:01+05:00 Tahir Niaz

Islamabad-An officer of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to take charge of the office of Director Emergency and Disaster Management (E&DM) Unit of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) despite having suspended orders to withdraw his posting, from a court of law.

Muhammad Attaullah, Deputy Director (BS-18) Manager Operations (PMBS) was given look-after charge of the office of Director E&DM in addition to his own duties on 3 August 2018. The orders were issued by Human Resource Development Directorate of the CDA. The transfer orders of Muhammad Attaullah issued by the CDA caused a tussle between CDA and MCI over authority to post the CDA official in MCI.

Chief Metropolitan Officer MCI, Najaf Iqbal in a letter addressed to Chairman CDA said: “CDA has no authority to post/transfer/give additional or look-after charge to anyone for the MCI formations without prior approval of the Chief Metropolitan Officer/Mayor, MCI as per law.” The letter also held that look-after charge of the office of Director Emergency & Disaster Management Unit of MCI assigned to Muhammad Attaullah in addition to his own duties as Manager Operations (PMBS) by the CDA on August 3 is also violation of the law. “It has been observed with great concern that the Human Resource Development (HRD) directorate, CDA has issued the posting/transfer orders of Muhammad Attaullah (Manager Operations PMBS) as director E&DM on look-after basis in violation of the law,” the letter said further.

As the correspondence created a deadlock between the two offices, the CDA’s HRD Directorate on August 6 cancelled the Office Order to post Muhammad Attaullah at the post of Director Emergency and Disaster Management Unit of the MCI, putting days-long controversy to rest. In the meantime, Attaullah knocked the door of a court to get suspended withdrawal of the August 6 CDA HRD order through which he was posted as Director E&DM. However, he has been unable to get charge of the office. The post is currently held by Zafar Iqbal, another BS-18 officer of MCI.

According to the sources, Zafar who also has the acting charge of Director, Directorate of Municipal Administration, has locked the room of Director E&DM and himself sitting in the room of Director DMA of which he has also the charge.

He has also put all the E&DM record under lock and denied access to the officials. On the other hand, Muhammad Attaullah is sitting in the room of clerks as his ‘predecessor’ did not vacate the room with the officials also in a quandary over whom to report on day-to-day officials matters.

The officials at the E&DM told The Nation on condition of anonymity that a state of confusion has been prevailing as they are unable to understand who their boss is. “The official correspondence has come to a halt,” said a senior official at the E&DM Unit.


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