Imran to move in PM mily secy’s bungalow: PTI

2018-08-15T07:35:54+05:00 Abrar Saeed

ISLAMABAD - The flip-flop over Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan’s abode after his expected elections as prime minister of the country continues and now the party leadership has decided to move him in the bungalow allocated for Prime Minister’s Military Secretary in the premises of the Prime Minister’s House.

In his victory speech after his party returned as single largest party in July 25 elections, PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced that he would not stay at the Prime Minister’s House to save money.

The party leaders were asked to search for some other appropriate place where Imran Khan would stay after his elections as prime minister and it was decided that he should move to the Ministers’ Enclave and stay in residence allocated for Speaker National Assembly.

The opposition parties criticised it and said that Prime Minister could not occupy Speaker’s residence as it was the property of National Assembly Secretariat. Later it was decided that he should move in some other residence in the Ministers’ Enclave but the security officials rejected the idea on inadequate security for Prime Minister and his activities.

Again the idea of moving Imran Khan to Chief Minister’s Annexe in Punjab House and PTI leaders said that now it was final but once again the building was declared inadequate for housing Prime Minister of the country.

It was further noted that as Punjab House is not having a facility of helipad and Prime Minister will have to move to either Prime Minister’s House or President House where the facility of helipad is available.

Yet again the idea of housing Prime Minister at Chief Minister’s Annexe was dropped and it was decided that Imran Khan would stay at Ministers’ Enclave where some appropriate bungalow was identified.

PTI spokesperson had made this announcement a few days back and also informed that the renovation of the house would be made from the pocket of Imran Khan and now the state money would be used for the purpose.

But to the surprise of many the decision was changed yet again and now it was decided that he would move in the bungalow allocated for Prime Minister’s Military Secretary in Prime Minister’s House spread over 120 acres of land.

Political analysts had shown scepticism when the announcement was made as in the past many times such promises had been made but on one pretext or the other the same could not be materialised. Even after forming the government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in 2013, PTI chief Imran Khan had announced that they would convert Chief Minister and Governor houses into some welfare projects and the party’s chief minister would stay in an ordinary house but the pledge could never be materialised and in the name of security Pervaiz Khattak finally sneaked into Chief Minister’s House spread over several hundred kanals of land.

In the past too, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had attempted several times in his second and third stint in power when he had wanted to shift to some other house in the Ministers Colony or Punjab House but the security officials and powerful bureaucracy had frustrated the move terming security of both these places inadequate for the Chief Executive to stay. And on top of it, they had convinced Nawaz Sharif that his shifting and fresh security arrangements for his stay outside the Prime Minister’s House would be requiring much more money than they were spending on managing the existing security arrangements for the Prime Minister’s House. So, despite his strong desire Nawaz Sharif could not leave the Prime Minister’s House.


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