Pakistan was created with a vision that people living here would enjoy social equality. However, soon after creation, social elite comprising wealthy and powerful from business, politics, and state organs hijacked the country. These power hungry elitist groups worked in their self-interest be-fooling people of Pakistan repeatedly. As time passed these fragmented groups forged alliances in a way that we ended up with two dynastic families ruling the country under the guise of political parties namely PMLN and PPP. They worked for their own interest and dislodged each other’s government unlawfully without fear of any protests or agitation from anyone. They were concerned about their own interest, their loud claims to serve masses, notwithstanding.

This has led to a situation where the country suffers from a shortage of water, a struggling economy, and a shrinking middle class. The current government seems to be willing to do new experiences in all factors, but this is not sitting well with the opposition parties, who do not really know how to survive without power. Their self-interest and lust for power seem in danger and they are fighting for their survival. They have come together to fight the common enemy so that they can get back to their old time way of fleecing the country. If the present conflict between the current government and opposition continues, hopes and expectations of the masses are likely to be dashed on the rocks of politics. Will senior politicians and parliamentarians intervene and create consensus for unity in the best national interest?