LAHORE            -         A heavy bike rally was led by Chief Traffic Officer Lahore Capt (retd) Syed Hamad Abid , which was held against one wheeling, racing and road blocking on Mall Road to deliver a strong message to the rioters, while raising awareness of citizens and observance of traffic rules, importance and awareness of traffic rules. 

The rally was led by CTO Lahore Captain (Retd) Syed Hamad Abid. The rally was attended by 49 special motorcycle squads formed against One Wheelers. The rally started from Al-Hamra Hall Mall Road, Canal Road, Jail Road, Main Boulevard Gulburg and ended at Liberty Square, the motorcyclists participating in the rally carried banners with various messages regarding road safety. 

Chief Traffic Officer Lahore Captain (Retd) Syed Hammad Abid said that the purpose of the rally is to send a message of safe travel to the citizens. He said that special measures would be taken to stop one-wheeling and over speeding during the Independence Day celebrations. As a result, there was no rioting while blocking roads noticed anywhere in the city. He further said that 49 motorcyclists were patrolling along with the Dolphin Force to apprehend the one-wheelers and on August 14 more than 5,000 motorbikes have been impounded in various police stations in the city for over speeding and underage driving.