On the 26th of July, the third spell of monsoon rains hits Karachi. The highest rate of rainfall was recorded in Gulistan-e-Johar, at 60 millimetres(mm), while 55mm was recorded in Pehlwan Goth. According to the media, at least three people died and more than 550 K-Electric (KE) feeders tripped as rain lashed the city. No official, minister or mayor helped Karachi. They blame each other on the media and do not take up responsibility.

The rain makes traffic jams and other such incidents common. No one is taking care of the city as all politicians just want money. Hospitals are also not safe in this city. People pay huge taxes to avoid these scenarios. After the 18th amendment, it is totally up to the Sindh Government to look after all the cities in Sindh. But they deny any responsibility.

Asia’s biggest cow mandi in Sohrab Goth is drowning. Different people come here to sell their animals. But now the condition is horrible; animals have no place to rest as the whole area is covered with water. Their owners have no option left but to wait that something will happen. It feels so embarrassing and so heartbreaking that the people of Khi don’t get what they deserve. Officials should do something so that people are in comfort. Rain is a blessing from the Almighty but our government make this a curse for us.