Ghalanai           -      Score of tribesmen held a protest demonstration against the prolonged loadshedding in Chanda Bazaar here on Friday. 

The protesters blocked the main Peshawar-Bajaur highway for all types of traffic for two hours. 

According to details, charged people took to the streets in Chanda Bazaar against the excessive power loadshedding and later blocked the Peshawar-Bajaur highway for two hours. 

The infuriated protesters burnt tyres and chanted slogans against WAPDA. 

On the occasion, they said that the power supply to the marble factories through special lines continues for over 20 hours a day. The protesting tribesmen complained that unannounced and excessive loadshedding has been going on for several months, due to which all the work of daily life has come to an end. 

The protestors alleged that the Wapda authorities are constantly ignoring their complaints about the excessive electricity loadshedding in their area due to which they for forced to hold protest and block the highway for traffic to register their protest.

They threatened to continue their protest until the WAPDA doesn’t resolve their issue.