ISLAMABAD           -       Jamaat e Islami Chief Senator Siraj ul Haq has demanded the government to summon OIC session and stress upon UAE to review the move of establishing diplomatic relations with Israel.

In his statement Siraj ul Haq has stated that the Muslim Ummah should be saved from division; adding, that Donald Trump has backed the formation of ties between the two countries for his win in next elections.

He maintained that Donald Trump must remember that Muslim Ummah and Palestinians would never give up their struggle for Palestinian cause.

He claimed that the people of Pakistan and the entire Muslim Ummah reject the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

He elaborated that the formation of diplomatic ties between UAE and Israel was a tragedy for all the Muslims around the world and especially for the Arab people.

He said that UAE has made this decision in immense pressure from Donald Trump and has hurt the feelings of Palestinians.