Dear Imran Khan You reportedly want to hold dialogue with the Taliban terrorists. Could you please answer the following questions to clarify your intentions? My questions do not necessarily question your patriotism. (1) Why do you want to hold parleys with the fanatic murderers who do not even recognize the Constitution of Pakistan? (2) Why suggest dialogue with an adversary who is bitterly opposed to democracy? (3) How can you negotiate with an opponent who is not even prepared to come to table for a peaceful settlement? (4) What makes you believe that the terrorists are ready for a negotiated resolution of the conflict anyway? Have you received any credible offer of talks from the extremists? (5) Do you remember the fate of the Swat Truce which was smothered by the mullahs only minutes after the deal was done? Why do you want to repeat the same horrendous mistake? (6) By offering to mediate why do you want to provide oxygen of legitimacy to criminals who destroy mosques and schools as well as kill innocent people in the name of Islam? (7) Are you not stabbing the armed forces in the back by glorifying the enemy who does not tolerate any alternative opinion? (8) By blaming America for every sin under the sun, are you not indirectly acting as a spokesman of the Taliban? -BASHIR MALIK, Islamabad, December 11.