The every day attacks on the big cities of Pakistan are causing alarm bells to ring in all factions of our society including the media and the Armed Forces. But the policy makers, both in military and government, seem undeterred and continuing with their existing policies as if they have no option but to toe the American agenda in Pakistan. They do not seem interested in the least for even a perfunctory review of their policies. The American government, we saw, swiftly reviewing their previous policy the moment they realised it was not working and a new one was needed. Our ruling elite, though, seems disinterested. This leaves us with two theories to ruminate upon for explanation; either they are unaware of the ground realities and the changing international scenario or they are sincerely and loyally (mindlessly?) fulfilling the American demands that are very obviously leading Pakistan towards total destruction. In both cases, this is unacceptable. In my view, the people must not wait for another three years for the government to complete its tenure. We should not try to 'save democracy' at the expense of the loss of our lives and properties and, even more importantly, the very existence of the country. The government should now be asked to step down and let others, that can deliver and pull us out of this quagmire, take over. -ENGR. MUHAMMAD SAAD KHAN, Islamabad, December 9.