CLAIRE Danes insists everyones feeling the pinch during the global economic downturn - even Hollywood. The Me and Orson Welles star says she and her fellow actors have been fighting for roles to keep the money coming in. I think its a difficult time right now in a lot of industries, because of the economy, and thats certainly true of ours as well, she said. Theyre making fewer movies than they ever have, therefore there are fewer roles, so I think everybodys experiencing that pinch. But I mean, Ive been very fortunate so far, and I have yet to reach the age where Im suddenly forced into maternal roles, or something. Danes, 30, recently revealed shes been taking steps to reduce her carbon footprint. I recycle, and because I live in New York, I dont even have a car, Danes said. Thats the best I can do so far. But it is important we all do our bit. SS