I clearly remember that when after the fall of East Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto went to Simla to negotiate repatriation of our soldiers and people, a number of sycophants and journalists also accompanied him besides his wife Nusrat and daughter Benazir Bhutto. A friend of mine, one of the toadies of Mr. Bhutto, was also in the entourage. He later told me that instead of reporting what was happening on the political front in the dialogue between Mrs. Gandhi and Mr. Bhutto, most of the group members went to watch the film Pakeeza that had been released in local cinemas at that time. My friend also told me that the whole entourage bought the Long-Play records of that film and were proud of the purchase. I think we Pakistanis, particularly those in our elite, seriously lack self-respect and patriotism. Pakistani singers and actors that have an opportunity to go to India are seen virtually falling at the feet of their Indian counterparts. And our politicians are not too far behind either. One politician, who had once absconded to India, is on record having said that he would return to Pakistan on an Indian tank. Another head of a political party visited India secretly on many occasions. A Pakistani poet had once remarked that his Rizq came from India. Today, every one of our news channels, except WAQT News, is showing Indian content, be that films, plays, musical shows or all kinds of lewd programs. While Indians are playing hell with the lives of our innocent people, I wonder what kind of a message our channels are giving to the Pakistani people? -PROF. S. M. MANSOOR, Dera Ghazi Khan, December 14.