ISLAMABAD - National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce on Monday summoned Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Shaukat Tarin and Governor State Bank of Pakistan Salim Raza to explain who was responsible for the ongoing sugar crisis. The NA Standing Committee that met in the chair of Engineer Khurram Dastgir at Parliament House expressed concern over the role of Ministry of Finance for allowing extension of loan up to three years to the sugar millers and asked Tarin and Raza to appear before the Committee during its next meeting. The members of the committee also held Ministries of Commerce and Industries and Production for the sugar crisis, as they didnt import the commodity in time. The senior officers of Ministries of Agriculture, Commerce, Industries and Production attended the meeting. The Chairman Trading Corporation of Pakistan briefed the committee about the stock of sugar available in the country and also informed how the crisis was emerged. It was told to the committee that presently government was not importing sugar, as its prices were high in the international market. Member of committee Hamid Yar Heraj alleged the Finance Minister Tarin extended undue support to the sugar mills owners to benefit them. The Chairman of the committee said non-importing of sugar in required quantity by the government had led to its crisis in the country. Ministry of Commerce and Industries recommended Economic Coordination Committee on May 29, 2009 not to import sugar that was aimed at benefiting the sugar mills owners. Later the sugar was imported at higher rates, which caused loss to the tune of Rs 1 billion to national exchequer, he indicated. The State Bank of Pakistan through a circular directed the sugar mills owners to repay the outstanding loans till May 31 so that they could bring the sugar in the market. But the circular was withdrawn as the mill owners raised hue and cry over it and thus the mills owners were given a chance to hoard the sugar for three months more. The sugar was brought in the market as soon as the prices went up, he added. The meeting described the extension in the limit of the loan as provision of an opportunity to the sugar mills owners to exploit the market and sell the commodity at the higher prices. The committee asked the Government to take concrete measures for ensuring smooth supply of sugar to the consumers at reasonable price.