The times we live in are probably the most uncertain of our history as a nation. On the one hand are the people that are still living in fools' paradise, celebrating cultural props like the Ajrak & Sindhi toupee. On the other are our soldiers that are fighting the biggest menace of our lives, the Taliban and paying in blood for the war of our existence. And as they fight this war on frontiers, even their children back home are being targeted in hits on the cantonments. Not that our civilians are any safer; the merciless enemy is indiscriminate in choice of security personnel and civilians that are to be hit on any given day. It is a war that we need to fight together as a nation. It demands a paradigm shift on our part. The Army alone cannot rid the nation of Taliban. Every citizen is a soldier if we are to defend this country. -AYESHA MAZHAR, Rawalpindi, December 9.