The Sindh Interior Minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza finally came out with the charge sheet on December 13, 2010 that out of sixty individuals nabbed for target killings, twenty-six belonged to a major political party of Karachi. The name was withheld. He also said that he knew who were the gangs collecting the goat skins at gun point on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. Shermila Farooqui, advisor to Sindh Chief Minister, on a private TV channel interview, confirmed that the statements of Zulfiqar Mirza were based on facts. When the perpetrators have been caught and proofs have been collected as Shermila confirmed, then what the government is waiting for? Why the cases against those killers, extortionists are not filed in the court to bring them to justice? People want to see the justice done regardless of who the perpetrators are. There should be no allowance to the criminals. But, will it happen? Unfortunately, our experience is it will not happen. How the political parties will let their workers go to the courts and bepunished for the crimes they are doing for their political bosses Judges might be threatened or influenced. These are all political gimmicks to bow down the major political party in Karachi to align it with PPPs line of thought. If there is any sincerity left to bring a change in the country, then justice should take place and it should be visible to the common man. We know that in a money scam, Kalia was handcuffed and taken away but where is he?Has he been tried in any court? Sentenced? What happened to him? Like some others, he might also have been removed from the custody and shipped out somewhere in a safe and comfortable haven For the Sialkot case, people are still waiting to see that justice is done. And there are several such cases forgotten. Come on, our leaders, rise above your personalities, your personal interests and your corruption and do something for the people of the country. Do something so that you could get some respect. Do something so that people can may remember you? Rather than working for your parties and agendas you must work for the country and the people. A citizen of Pakistan