LAHORE - The PML-N is keenly watching the situation after the JUI (F) parted company with the government on Tuesday and will take appropriate decisions at the right time, partys spokesman Ahsan Iqbal said. However, PML (Functional) President Pir Pagara and Awami National Party Secretary General Ehsan Wyne said their parties would continue to support the PPP. The PML-N leader said internal contradictions of the coalition partners had started maturing and surfacing. Any coalition government can only become cohesive if it is based on a mutually agreed programme and agenda of governance, he said. The PML-N, Ahsan Iqbal said, would be part of any political initiative if it is based on principles of good governance, eradication of corruption and revival of economy. The PML-N will not become part of any musical chairs. Answering a question, he said there was a need to redefine parameters of a coalition based on principles and good governance by renegotiating the terms of power-sharing. Pir Pagara said his party would not follow the JUI (F) and would stay with the PPP-led coalition. He said the JUI (F) and the PML (F) belonged to different religious schools of thought and thus their line of action could not be identical. He said he gave no importance to the JUI (F)s decision. The Sindhi leader said his party would stand by the PPP till the latter stayed in power. We are with them till they are in power. However, he said, he did not know how long would the PPP stay in power. ANP Secretary General Ehsan Wyne said his party had no complaint against the PPP and would continue to remain coalition partner with it. He said although his party supporters were being target-killed in Karachi, the ANP would not hold the PPP responsible for the crime as it knew the Sindh government was trying its best to arrest the accused. Wyne said the coalition had done nothing against the policy or manifesto of the ANP and there was no justification for his party even to think about parting ways. He saw no chance of fresh elections in the foreseeable future.