KABUL (Agencies) - Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh predicted that neither the army nor PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif will bring President Zardaris term to an abrupt end, revealed WikiLeaks in cable. According to the cable, Amrullah Saleh had said this in a meeting with a delegation of US Senators, led by John McCain. This was written by US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry ... in a secret cable dated January 10, 2010, which was released by WikiLeaks. Afghan Intelligence Chief said in the meeting that President Asif Zardari is using Baloch nationalists as his base of support. He was of the view that neither the army nor Nawaz would bring Zardaris term to an abrupt end, the Ambassador wrote.In the meeting, Afghan President Karzai warned US that no success could be achieved in the war against terrorism without the support of Pakistan. He told them that the improvement in the overall bilateral relationship between was held back by the Army and ISI.