LAHORE The Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Tuesday constituted a division bench for hearing the case of torture on students outside the Punjab Assembly on December 8 last. He would head the bench. Addressing a grievance of the teachers and the professors the court also directed the Punjab government not to take any disciplinary action against teachers of different colleges, who protested and were tortured on December 8 last. Counsel of the teachers informed the court that his clients were facing threats of departmental action from their high-ups. The division bench would now take up for threadbare hearing on December 20 next, this and the matter of torture by the police on teachers and students when they were protesting against the BoGs outside the Punjab Assembly building on December 8 last and the incident of burning a private bus allegedly by the students in that course. The chief justice hearing the suo moto case against police torture last day also directed all stakeholders to submit their respective reply before the Bench. , which would resume the hearing on December 20 next. Secretary Education, lecturers association president Prof Zahid Sheikh, his counsel, and additional advocate general Punjab Hanif Khatana were present in the courtroom last day. Khatana at the outset of the proceedings, read out the rules and regulations for BoGs which he said aimed at improving the quality of public sector colleges for uplifting collages standard equal to institutions of private sector like LUMS working in phases. He said in govt sector many institutions including Government College University GCU and Queens Mary Collage already have BoGs system and these colleges or universities were under control of education department like before. He said the plan included making graduate programme of four years in all college to equate it with international standard. Khatana submitted teachers and the students had unfounded fear that by the BoGs structure of the educational institutions would be changed, or that teachers strength in the college would be downsized or education fees enhanced.