Punjab Governor Salman Taseer should have refrained from issuing malicious political statements while addressing a function in connection with Golf Championship organized by a club situated on the Upper Mall Lahore. The sanctity of this club stands violated, because clubs are not venues for issuing political statements, but are places for socialand sports activities.As it is, the atmosphere of this club, once known as an exclusive club for elite gentleman and ladieshas already been tarnished with reports of fist fights by the Jialya dominated committee. Of late they have been instrumental in destroyingthe atmosphere ofwhat the members perceive to be their second home.December is election time and everything seems to be fair duringcampaigning, partying, drinkingand feasting being in full swing and indiscipline being the order of the day, although club rules prohibit such campaigning. From an elite club to an awamiclub has been a fast slide for what was once a legacy of the Raj. The past few years have witnessed the club membership being sold to cronies willing tobuy their way in, irrespective of their status or acceptability in accordance with rules and traditions. Shamsuddin Mian, Lahore