ISLAMABAD - Majority of the residents of Fata feel that US drone attacks are not justified rather they are counterproductive and fuelling the fire to anti-US sentiments, a survey report disclosed on Tuesday. The participants including journalists, diplomats, academics, NGOs, students and parliamentarians were told during a launching ceremony of the report 'Understanding Fata that it was compiled after recording the attitudes of over 4,000 people towards governance, religion and society in the trbal area. The report claimed that residents of FATA were critical of the policies adopted by the US and the UK in this area, however, they strongly support military operations against militants. According to the finding of this report (which seemed to be pro-western) people of FATA readily distinguish between Pakistani Taliban and their Afghan counterparts, with the former being viewed much less favourably, while the latter have also dropped in favour over the past year. Foreign fighters should either be forced or asked to leave the area according to a majority of FATA residents. The report further stated that a sizeable majority supported the extension of the Political Parties Act of 2002 to FATA, and welcomed further political reforms announced by President Zardari in 2009.