LAHORE The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has restarted unscheduled loadshedding for more than four hours across the City. Fresh spells are disrupting routine life especially of office-workers and students, sources told TheNation. LESCO sources told the PEPCO and National Power Control Centre had asked the company to monitor and shut down any grid with an increased load. They also said PEPCO had increased the loadshedding timings from four to five hours in urban areas, while timings in rural areas had crossed eight hours. Major areas and markets under various grid stations were facing unannounced spells of electricity disappearances for last two days especially. LESCO should announce a proper loadshedding schedule so that peoples lives do not suffer, said Naveed, a resident of Sabzazar. He alleged that the PEPCO and LESCO were creating an artificial shortage. Residents of the Canal View said they had to face severe mental torture because of loadshedding in the early morning, when it was time for their children to go to school. Shahdara, Walled City, Allama Iqbal Town, Johar Town, Model Town, Green Town, Town Ship and all the areas of the City were facing unscheduled loadshedding of two to four hours spells. The situation was more critical in rural areas in the limits of LESCO, a source in the company said. He said the people were complaining against unannounced outages throughout the company limits. He said the other distribution companies including the Gujranwala Electric Supply Company, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company and Multan Electric Power Company - had also been instructed to conduct the six to eight hour loadshedding schedule. Meanwhile, PEPCO claimed 915 MW gap of electricity between demand and supply. The company stated demand 12065MW and generation 11150 MW. From the total generation, PEPCO gain 5243 MW from Hydel, 1260 from Thermal, 4585MW from IPPs and 62 MW from RPPs. The supply to KESCO was stated 700 MW. However, the sources said shortfall in system had touched about 2000 MW.