ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Pakistan insisted on Tuesday its nuclear weapons were fully safe and secure and it would not accept any discriminatory treatment that undermined its strategic deterrence. As a nuclear weapon state, Pakistan is fully cognisant of its responsibilities, and has established effective and robust command and control structures and comprehensive export control and regulatory regimes, the Nuclear Command Authority (NCA) said in a statement after a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. Members of the NCA, including federal ministers, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Services Chiefs and senior officials attended the meeting that reviewed recent global and regional developments and their implications for Pakistans national security, a news release of ISPR said. The NCA expressed concern over the policies and trends of selectivity, exceptionalism and discrimination relating to strategic export control regimes. Such policies, detrimental as they are to international peace and security, undermine the credibility of the existing non-proliferation regime and are Revisionism based on strategic, political or commercial considerations accentuates asymmetries and would perpetuate instability, especially in South Asia. The NCA underscored that peace and security were indivisible and that the goals of non-proliferation could only be advanced by ensuring equal and undiminished security for all states. Regional balance and strategic stability in South Asia are indispensable for peace, sustained development and prosperity for the region and beyond, it said. The NCA categorically reiterated that Pakistan would never accept discriminatory treatment and that it rejected any effort to undermine its strategic deterrence.Pakistan will not be a party to any approach that is prejudicial to its legitimate national security interests. The statement said, As a nuclear weapon state, Pakistan is fully cognizant of its responsibilities, and has established effective and robust Command and Control structures and comprehensive export control and regulatory regimes. These are fully compatible with international best practices and global regimes - and are acknowledged internationally. The NCA underscored that Pakistan shared the goals of non-proliferation and was prepared to work with other nuclear powers on an equal footing to advance these goals. As a state with advanced nuclear technology, Pakistan was also prepared to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear technology, under the appropriate IAEA framework. The NCA expressed satisfaction on the pace of development and effectiveness of Pakistans strategic deterrence. It reaffirmed that all requisite steps will be taken to ensure Pakistans national security and to maintain credible deterrence.