KARACHI - Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Chairman Hussain Dawood performed the stone-laying ceremony of an educational facility in the impoverished village of Goth Noor Muhammad, on the outskirts of Karachi on Tuesday. Outgoing Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director PPAF Kamal Hayat, in-coming CEO/MD PPAF Qazi Azmat Isa, members of PPAF Board of Directors namely Zubyr Soomro, Dr. Nuzhat Ahmad, Dr. Rajab Ali Memon and Asif Qadir were also present on this occasion. An official of PPAF said, on Tuesday that the stone-laying ceremony of an educational facility was the part of the model village development of Goth Noor Muhammad by PPAF and Shell Pakistan, who have joined hands to develop the village anew at the cost of Rs 35 million in two years time. Located approximately 25-kilometer away from Karachi near solid waste dumping site, Goth Noor Muhammad is a small hamlet comprising about 100 households. Having no access to potable water and other basic necessities of life, the men, women and children of the Goth are living in unhygienic conditions and eke out their living by sifting the Karachi citys garbage. The closest one is being some 10 kilometres away in another village. Most of the children were illiterate as they could neither afford nor could go to attend the school in the nearby village. The locality lacks health and educational facilities while its dwellings comprise bamboo and date palm branches covered with discarded and worn out clothes. The residents of Goth Noor Muhammad store rainwater in ground well and use it for drinking and other purposes. The official further pointed out that the PPAF and Shell Pakistan have entered into a public-private partnership to transform Goth Noor Muhammad into a self-sustainable and integrated village development project. He said that the integrated development programme is aimed at improving living conditions of the residents through provisioning of better housing, healthcare, educational, etc. facilities. The programme also entails social mobilisation and community empowerment through the formation of village committees. It was further pointed out that the reconstruction of houses would be supported through the usage of indigenous technology, materials and energy efficiency. Streets would be paved and proper sewerage and rainwater drainage system would be laid down. The village infrastructure would be further improved with the provisioning of electricity and with the addition of greenbelts and streetlights. The educational facilities would be available not only to the children but to the adults as well. The proposed school would also serve as a recreational spot for the community with special emphasis on sports. PPAF and Shell Pakistan have signed an agreement to provide basic housing, infrastructure, health, education, potable water, latrines, bridges/culverts and sanitation facilities in Goth Noor Muhammad. PPAF is the lead apex institution for community-driven development in the country and the largest source of pro-poor spending outside Public Sector Development Programme and the Federal budget.