LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah Khan on Tuesday asked Governor Salmaan Taseer to apologise from the nation for his secret foreign instead of telling lie after lie. He also called the governor a snake let lose by former dictator Pervez Musharraf, whose 'venom had now been removed through 18th amendment in the Constitution. In a press statement issued on Tuesday, he said that a person who did not know whether he was going to Sukkur or Sri Lanka had no right to have any constitutional responsibility. Rana said that Governor Punjab during his secret foreign visit had tried to deceive the nation by saying that he was on a hunting trip in Sukkur with his friends. He said that Governor should tell the people what he had gone to hunt. He said that imposing such an absent-minded person as Governor on 90 million people of the province was a highly undemocratic step. The law minister said that Salmaan Taseer was a snake let lose by Musharraf which can only hiss as the democratic forces had removed his venom through 18th Amendment. He alleged that successor of absconder Musharraf was doing what he was being ordered by his master from abroad. He said that the silence of President of Pakistan on Governors absence from the country was meaningful. He said that PPP was now merely Zardari XI and expecting respect from this team for law and constitution was like for the moon. He said that the desire of Salmaan Taseer and Chaudhris to have control of Punjab will never be realized. He said that Zardari XI had removed the real PPP workers from the party who were demanding the arrest of Mohtarma while those elements which left BB bleeding to death had become coach and captain of Zardari XI and were enjoying power.